Rainbow Garden Club is a free drop-in program for youth ages 11-19 who identify as LBGTQ+ and their allies. Using gardening, nature, and art activities, the program offers a healthy social space, and a creative, inclusive, and visible support network for LGBTQ youth. This group has come about in response to a desire among local LGBTQ youth to have a welcoming space in the community, and a space that quite literally lets them grow.

Since early 2021 the program meets in the garden every Friday afternoon 3:30-5pm, and attendance continues to grow, with 10-15 youth showing up each week. We expanded the program last year to run year-round, meeting in the YMCA during the colder months.

The program is made possible by public donations (these fund the garden plot, program & material costs, after-school snacks, etc). We are hoping to raise $4,500 to get us through the summer season!