Expressive Papermaking Workshop 6/8:SS

Jun 08, 2019 3:00PM—5:00PM


Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Cost 20.0

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Dates: Saturday 6/8 

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Cost is $20.00 for one workshop. 
If you wish to attend but cannot afford the marked price, please email us at

All ages welcome. 

Paper is an everyday medium we consume constantly: throw away, crumple up, store in boxes, hold our secrets, our grocery lists, deliver our bill statements, a home to paintings, and so much more. We tend to forget, the origin of creating paper was a delicate craft. This workshop will provide you with the history, and process of Western papermaking. Participants are invited to bring old bills, musings, love letters, sketchbooks, etc.  to shred, blend and pull into new paper sheets of potential! The workshop will be held on two separate days; the first day we will learn papermaking and the following week we will get creative in a multimedia workshop full of self-love and supporting others around us using our newly made paper. 

This workshop will be facilitated by Melissa Spiegel and Aili Lopez. Melissa has learned the craft of hand papermaking through mentors at Women's Studio Workshop and Dieu Donne. Through her own studies, she uses plant and recycled fibers, focusing on the materials as the art, itself. Aili is a licensed mental health counselor and registered art therapist, whose clinical and creative work explores how individuals use art to make personal and social changes.