Kids Art Hour: ONLINE

Apr 14, 2020 3:00PM—4:00PM

Cost 5.0

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This online class is just for kids! We will use various mediums that you can find at home. This is an open workshop to any kid who wants to join.

Project of the Day:

Today we will be creating Mexican Mirrors! These awesome little masterpieces are often found at street markets in Mexico. They have beautifully large boarders with little mirrors in the center. We will use markers, crayons and sharpies to create our boarders and tinfoil for the center piece.

Necessary Materials:

Construction paper, Paper plate, Markers, Crayons, Sharpie, Tinfoil, Tool for drawing on tinfoil ( Using the tip of a closed elmer’s glue bottle works great or the edge of a pen cap. You want it to be pointy but not sharp. A chopstick would work well too)

This class is instructed by Charlotte.
Ages 6-12
Cost is $5.00
Pre registration required Wednesday before each class
Zoom link will be emailed approximately one hour before class starts.
You only need to register for each device (ie if multiple people want to join in on 1 computer, that is fine!