MAGIC: 4-Week Session (No Kit)

Jul 07, 2020 1:30PM—3:00PM

Cost 20.0

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•July 7th: Magic Wands
Project: We’ll be ready to cast our own spells after this class! Today we will be constructing our own magic wands – What will yours look like? What does it say about you? What spells will you cast?
Materials at home: scissors, tape, stick
*Provided in kit: Air dry clay/Model magic, paint, gems, brushes

•July 14th: Secret World
Project: If you could create another universe, what would it look like? Who would live there? What would the sky look like? Today we will be painting our own magical universes!
Materials at home: water, cup
Provided in kit: paint, brushes, canvas

•July 21st: Potion in a Jar
Project: Today we will be making our own magic potions in a jar! We will mix glue, glitter, and water to make glittering potions that can be used for colorful spells!
Materials at home: Small clear jar, clear glue, hot water, food dye
Provided in kit: Glitter, jar

•July 28th: Spell Casting 101
Project: We are finally ready to put our skills to the test: after crafting our own wands, magical worlds, and powerful potions, we’re ready to write our book of spells. We will first think of spells we wish to cast, write them down, and illustrate them. Then we will learn to bind our spells into a book to revisit them when we need!
Materials at home: paper, scissors, pen, pencil
Provided in kit: yarn, markers

Pre-Registration required
This registration is for the full 4 week session WITHOUT the purchase of a Camp in a Bag supply kit.