Art lets me be my true me.

— NR

CREATE makes me feel free to be artistic. CREATE offers the community an outlet to express artistically.

— KS

I can get all my emotions out in my art and work through them.


This place is good. It feels right for me to come here and work on my art, I feel safe and inspired.

MH (age 28)

I love what you guys are doing. I had no idea there was a place where I could come to make art like this! Thats whatsup! And it's downtown! I love it.

Passerby on State Street

A wonderful place to learn, explore and make new friends.

— EC

CREATE has an atmosphere of relaxation where I can make something I want or learn to make something in a new way.

FD (age 22)

At CREATE, I feel I am a small but important living piece of a magnificent mosaic being breathed into being by this human community.

— VO

Using art to promote freedom of expression, personal growth, and community connection.

Our Programs


Art Workshops

We offer low-cost art workshops and groups -- for children, teens, and adults!


Community Wellness

The benefits of art-making impact both the individual and the community as a whole.


Special Events

We believe the beneficial experience of art-making should be accessible to everyone.

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